Studio presentation

Summonte Design Studio is a creative design and production office based in Barcelona, engaged in designing and producing fashion accessories. The studio is owned by Italian Designer Emidio Summonte, who directly offers his professional consultancy and design talent to companies engaged in retailing high fashion accessories.

Emidio Summonte has a long specialized in creating collections of bags and small leather items and supervises all phases of design, procurement and manufacturing of the Studio’s production. For retailers, Emidio talent and experience provides the unique opportunity to both expand their offerings to their customers as well as expand their customer base offering unique, beautifully designed and well-priced inventory not available at competing retailers.

The Studio’s goal is to present to each new client with the opportunity to offer unique, fashionable goods that targets their customers’ tastes. The Studio’s ongoing experience and continuous collaboration with large, well-established Italian and foreign companies, developing their collections for various, already established brands, has giving the Studio design and production skill sets that are without peer directly as a result of the demanding standards these high end retailers insist upon for their own exclusive projects.And to insure that the Studio meets those demanding standards, the Studio maintains numerous contacts with the most reputable and skilled suppliers and manufacturers.

These established contacts allows the Studio to follow all phases of production to insure all designs are well-executed, commercially competitive and delivered in a timely fashion.

In the end, the Studio delivers Emidio’s professional consultancy, unique creative abilities, high production standards and superior contacts in order to provide retailers with the opportunity to broaden their offerings. This enables retailers to achieve greater sales from existing customers while growing their customer base.

Image: Ellen von Unwerth