My work and fashion consultancy begin with one or more initial breafings with the client in order to collect important information necessary for correctly setting up each collection.

Once the identity of the brand, the type of product, its competitors of reference, target and related costs have been established, together with detailed timing, I start with creating a mood-board or tableaux, these are storyboards which tell the story of the collection’s look by means of images.

The process of creation and research for the exact framework of each commissioned collection therefore begins once all the points listed above have been clarified and the general image has been agreed with the client.
I am certain that every successful outcome is the result of study, comparison and collaboration. I therefore ask to be bestowed the greatest trust in choices I believe in and of which I am certain, both at the level of style and commercially.

The operational steps are therefore:
• Research, definition of trends, colour cards and presentation of moods
• Research on models, materials and metal accessories
• Study and proposals for artwork of works or printed matter
• Detailed technical fact sheets on metal accessories
• Presentation card of drafts by Line
• Descriptive fact sheet (materials, metals and their finishing, work specifications and proposal of variants in material/colour)
• Design in scale 1:1 of the first model for the Line
• Design in scale 1:1 for the remaining models for the Line
• Display and perfecting of prototypes
• Display and perfecting of the first complete samples
• Development of Colour Card for the Line

All these steps can be carried out in advance, upon request of the client, by review and implementation of carry-over models too inasmuch as best-sellers from previous collections.