My work is strictly connected to the universe of visual emotions and understanding the desire arising from those emotions.

When these two realities meet, the true concept of fashion is born which, unlike art, is never an end in itself.

A decade of experience gained in qualified companies in the sector of accessories as well as at a prestigious design studio in Florence have nurtured my great passion for style and the product as well as certainty of the importance of the combination of these factors with commercial requirements in order to achieve a good sell-out for an accessory.

Style, attention to manufacture and commercial exploitation of the produce are closely linked elements in my opinion and I have made these my strongpoint.

The consideration of these 3 aspects is what most characterises my training and my current consultancy.
Furthermore, knowledge and studying raw materials – hides, textures echo-skins and their finishing – as well as numerous trips for research to New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, Paris and Milan – allow me to be constantly updated, thanks to studying seasonal trends – models, hides, colours, works – and a detailed knowledge of what the market is offering.

I have also collaborated with the Ged Fashion Institute of Milan for about 2 years, holding seminars on designing bags and small leather items and on their history and evolution throughout the history of fashion.